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Give your property the perfect makeover with our Remodeling Painting services. Our team of professionals provides top-notch interior and exterior painting services for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in painting for stores, schools, churches, shopping centers, and many more commercial spaces. With our experienced team, you can be sure that your property will look its best.

exterior residential-painting

We at Aucacama Construction LLC offer professional and experienced painting services for all your remodeling needs. Whether you need interior or exterior work done, our licensed team in New Jersey is here to help. We take pride in delivering quality workmanship and attention to detail so that you can enjoy the new look of your space.

Why Choose Us?

Your Property is Your Highest Investment and Deserves only the BEST!

  • Professionalism

  • Experience

  • Quality Materials

  • Affordability

  • Excellent Results

  • Delivery-on-time

  • Under promise-Over deliver

  • Clean & neat jobs

Aucacama Construction LLC

Interior/Exterior Painting

Transform your home or business with our professional painting services. Our team of experienced painters take pride in delivering quality results that exceed your expectations. We're licensed and fully insured in New Jersey. No job is too big or small for us to handle. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Interior Residential Painting

Interior Residential

Our team of skilled painters will treat your home with the utmost care, ensuring that your interior painting is done with precision and attention to detail.

Painting Proyects

Exterior Painting

We have extensive knowledge of the perfect exterior temperatures for a successful project.

You can be confident that your home or business will receive the best possible painting job available in the industry. 

Commercial Painting services

Commercial Painitng

Our Commercial Painting service is perfect for local businesses, offices, shops, and buildings. We take great pride in our work and are dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible.

Painting  FAQs

When should you not paint your house? Don't paint on hot days, in the rain or during windy weather. Ideal temperatures for painting are between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot weather causes the paint to dry too quickly, as does direct sun. When possible, wait for the shade.

What questions to ask before hiring a painter? * Do You Have Insurance? * Should I Be Concerned With Your Crew In My Home? * Are The Workers On My Project Employees Or Subcontractors? * What Kind Of Materials Do You Use? * As The Estimator, Are You Going To Be Personally Involved In My Job? * What Kind Of Training Do Your Employees Receive?

How long should it take one person to paint a house? When you think about calculating the average time it takes to complete interior painting, usually it's a room per day per house painter. So, if you have an average sized home of 1,500 – 2,000 square feet, it will take 3 – 5 days to complete interior painting.

What to do before painter comes? * Plan Your Schedule Ahead of Time. * Take a Before Photo. * Store Knick-Knacks. * Move Furniture. * Remove Wall Hangings. * Make Repairs. * Clean Your Walls.

Do house painters clean walls before painting? Yes, professional painters clean walls before painting. Cleaning and preparing the wall surface will ensure that your paint job lasts longer and looks better. This involves removing dust, dirt, and old paint chips, applying caulk or putty to cracks in the wall surfaces as well as priming them for optimal results.

Should you be home when painters are working? Ready to make a change? Whether you stay or leave is entirely up to you. We ask that you meet the job site supervisor and the painters on the first day of your project for what we call the first 10 minutes.

Can I use Dawn to wash walls before painting? According to the experts, when cleaning before painting, you only need warm water and a little dish soap for greasy kitchen walls. If you have stubborn spots that are not responding, you can use one of the cleaners they recommend, based on paint finish: Flat or matte paint: White vinegar or plain water

How many coats of paint should you paint a house? Two coats is typically all that's needed, if you're painting over a well-prepped, primed surface. This is particularly true if you are painting a dark color over a lighter, existing one, as you're guaranteed to have good coverage.

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